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Freqently asked questions

How do I join the ZombieMob?

Get active! Follow us on Twitter, Telegram or any of our social channels and start connecting with the community!

Can I play the game?

We have several games currently in varying stages of development. We are excited to share more information in the near future.

You can play the ZINU Run BETA (desktop only) here

Who is developing the game?

Leading our gaming division is industry icon and game designer of Spider Man, Tomo Moriwaki.

Is the price the same for Zinu Token on both networks?

$ZINU is available on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks operating independently. Each chain has its own supply of 1 quadrillion tokens and pricing will vary depending on exchange and network at any given time depending on markets.

Is there an Audit for the contract?

Yes — the contract has been audited by CertiK which can be read here: — additionally, we have activated 24/7 CertiK Skynet security surveillance for the project.

How do I buy Zinu Token?

Learn more by visiting our Token Page

Is the Zinu Token contract renounced?

Renouncing a contract limits the team’s ability to develop the contract further and would prevent the team from providing future bridging, swapping, staking, or game integration capabilities. Given this, the contract is not renounced.

Can I buy the NFTs?

The collection is available on OpenSea:

How do I connect with and follow Zinu?

We would love to have you join our journey by following and engaging!